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We are Western Tribe

Western Tribe Southern Boutique

It is with much pleasure to welcome all customers to the Western Tribe Family.

Here at western tribe we take pride in delivering quality products to our very much valued customers.


Western tribe prides ourselves on our price, product and service to assure customer satisfaction with every purchase. 

It is at this point we welcome our clients as part of our valued Western Tribe family. Rest assured, Western Tribe took no shortcuts when carefully sourcing the products you receive. WT has taken every consideration to ensure our customers receive the best  products and value for money. 

Our customers can rest assured knowing we went to extreme lengths to guarantee our customers receive quality products. 

Much love, 

Western Tribe Southern Boutique

The history of Navajo Nation & where the Jewellery began

The Navajo Nation, also known as the Diné Nation, is the largest Native American tribe in the Southwest of America. The Navajo Tribe focus on the innate beauty of Southwest rocks and minerals. Jewelry, beads and other adornments are an integral part of the cultural heritage of the Navajo. Elaborate ornamentation has been considered from the beginning a sign of wealth within their community; the bigger and more elaborate a piece of jewelry was, the more respect the wearer commanded.

The Navajo were the first indigenous people of the Southwest to work in silver.

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